What can you do from recycled newspapers?

December 9th, 2011 - 


Here is a good example of what you can do from recycled newspapers. This is a paper mache brooch, hand-painted with acrylic colors and at the end sealed with a glossy varnish. After gluing the newspaper, the artist painted over with blue colors and then some decorations were applied. These colorful jewelries were protected with multiple layers of vanish, so that the pieces are now water resistant. This Big Fish brooch (more…)

Hand crochet lace work with real gold coated thread by Sukran Kirtis

December 1st, 2011 - 

These piece of jewelry contains a lot of materials that are so precious. Gold, Swarovski stones, freshwater pearls and lot of love as you can see. Love the subtle colors and combination of materials. The bracelet is adjustable. This delicate elegance was created with 24kt gold coated Japanese embroidery thread. (more…)

Eco friendly accesories: wool beads and necklaces

June 25th, 2011 - 

To preserve the environment, Lua Chea thought of some raw materials that are green and eco friendly. They use wool threads. leather, buttons and fabric remains to create accesories. They reuse elements and transform them into beautiful decorative pieces: for example, paper beads made out of newspapers.
They jewelry designs tell a story. I like the crafted things that are born from these unique left-overs. Still, as Lua Chea is
confessing, the designs are not so cheap: crafting and the effort to produce such amazing things take a lot of time. The catalog, more about the site and how to get in contact with Lua Chea here.

Swarm Home recycles canvases found in Dutch markets

June 23rd, 2011 - 

All the time I said that nothing can be more beautiful than Dutch art. And in generally, Dutch everything. They are amazing in everything they do. This time, the art is lead a step further: Swarm Home recycles canvases found in Dutch markets and antique shops and transforms them into new things: bags or chairs, beautifully decorated sofas, jewelry designs and benches.
Each object has a story: paintings are juxtaposed to create functional art. Leslie Oschmann begin her business by collecting interesting objects and paintings she found in the markets. She manipulates them and creates a new life for
the old paintings. The art is now useful and it is even more precious, becoming a practical object. Objects are made in Amsterdam and a purse, for example is about 2-300 euros. Via here.

Small dimensions = 13 inches x 17 inches or 33 centimeters x 43 centimeters. 
Large dimensions = 15 inches x 15 inches x 5 inches or 38 centimeters x 38 centimeter x 14 centimeters