Michelle Brand‘s wedding dress made out of recycled plastic-bottle bases

June 25th, 2011 - 

British designer Michelle Brand‘s wedding dress is trailed by a 16-foot train and weighing more than 22 pounds, the gown is the sum of 2,220 recycled plastic-bottle bases, 6,512 plastic-bottle tops, 13,880 tags, and months of tireless labor. Michelle is an ecological design maker known internationally due to her favourite pattern used in many creations: the plastic bottle base. 
From these, she creates from jewelry design to dresses, screens or lamps in cascades. You have to see them all because they are incredible. I know she uses the same module each time but even so, she creates new things from it
each time. For sure, the material she uses has reduced weight and it has no sunlight refraction- from here, har entire lamps and chandelier collections. You can see her works in many galleries in UK, Milano, NY or Paris.

Photos by Michelle Brand