Great idea to feed the homeless

May 31st, 2011 - 

There are, for sure, a lot of places that are not utilised to the max. I see the park near me and gardners that work the whole day to make the park just beautiful.The administration of my flat changes flowers in each season. But what if they would make something more useful than just planting lovely colored flowers? I saw once that McDonald’s, I think, had a project of installing a garden with vegetables in front of their entrance. 
A group of Colorado residents are aiming to utilize multiple city parks to produce 1,500 pounds of food to help the homeless. The group aims to involve people in the urban agriculture scene network and also to teach citizens about the
growing local food movement. The gardens are maintained by non-profit organisations, neighborhood groups and churches. The harvest will be donated to homeless people: woman and children. The project started with just one garden in a park in Denver but now, because the plan was a success, there are 13 different garden beds in 8 parks. See
Dana MIller and Barbara Masoner– in the movie here: