Origami Paper Bowl, natural look

January 9th, 2012 - 


Ruti Ben Dror is the owner of RutisRoots shop on Etsy. Great idea to use Origami to create paper bowls. Love the fact that she used natural paper to make this special gift. Here are over 200 pieces of recycled paper, selected with care, folded into place and carefully glued together into a wholesome stabled 3-D structure. The (more…)

Paper Mache Art by Efi Beck

November 29th, 2011 - 


Efi Beck came with an idea: to use Papier Mache technique to create these paper jars that could store different things. This is what happens hen Art meets recycling🙂 Paper Mache on plastics container creates a perfect solution for storing sugar, coffee or tea bags. A wonderful handmade gift idea for any home. Lovely (more…)

Hand blown glass plant globe hanging terrarium

October 20th, 2011 - 

Bluejaysnbumblebees shop on Etsy is composed by two artists Justin Bagley and Brooke Freed. These terrariums look so clean and they have such a fresh look. You could store anything you want in them: stones, sand, plants, colored water, jelly bubbles, toys or decorative buttons. If you decide to go for air plants installations you must water them twice a week and place them on indirect sunlight. The terrariums could bring (more…)

Paper rolls tips

December 11th, 2010 - 
Toilet paper rolls can be used for gardening, kid play and household. Instead of buying biodegradable pots from the store, just use cardboard tubes for your gardening. Cut each paper tube in two so that at the end you will have two pots. Gently press the end of the roll to create a bottom for each of the toilet paper roll. Arrange all your cups together and put y them into a tray. Fill the cylinders with seed-starting mix and sow your seeds. You will have to water them each day so that they will grow in a few days. You can put them directly in the ground because the cardboard is biodegradable so that it won’t affect the soil.

For sure, reusing means that you save a lot of money, so that means you shouldn’t purchase pots again.

Molo design paper softseating – recycled paper furniture

December 6th, 2010 - 

Molo Designs’s Paper Softseating is made of kraft paper – a stiff, robust unbleached paper that is 100% recyclable and is constructed of 50% recycled fiber. Each piece of furniture has magnetic ends so similar pieces can be strung together into larger geometric shapes. Very, very cool looking. Longterm use is said to give the Very, very cool looking. Longterm use is said to give the furniture a lovely patina. No smoking please.