What can you do from recycled newspapers?

December 9th, 2011 - 


Here is a good example of what you can do from recycled newspapers. This is a paper mache brooch, hand-painted with acrylic colors and at the end sealed with a glossy varnish. After gluing the newspaper, the artist painted over with blue colors and then some decorations were applied. These colorful jewelries were protected with multiple layers of vanish, so that the pieces are now water resistant. This Big Fish brooch (more…)

Recycled newspaper Flip-Flops

June 25th, 2011 - 

Newspapers and magazines are for sure the most recycled items in the world. The image above shows a simple, clean cut, elegantly designed, and handcrafted flip-flop named Paper flops. 
Except the paper used, the flip-flops are made also from coconut husk and palm tree root, rubber and shells. Paper flops are composed of about two pounds of recycled newspaper.They are very stylish and in the same time
eco-friendly and as it seems they last long due to the thin natural rubber coating that is laid on the surface of the flip-flops against the rain. Design made in Indonesia. You can buy them with about 26 € a pair. I think I know what I would wear this summer 🙂 Via

Zen art by Karen Margolis

May 31st, 2011 - 

Zen concepts and haiku japan poetry inspired Karen Margolis to create these crafted compositions in paper. Enso means circle in Japanese and it is a sacred symbol meaning perfection and infinity. The spaces are interpreted, you can see the positive and the negative in the same time or focus on that one that inspires you most.
Shadows of these art works are also very interesting. The artist burns the holes in the surface of the paper and then she plays with the layers.” I translate my interior monologues into molecular patterns of color. Plot out
extemporaneously, accumulations of dots mark the transformations of feelings through changes in color. I also sew on discs of paper and attach map fragments to reflect external distractions. These mind maps function to chronicle the behavior of chemical interactions in the brain for the duration of various “states of mind”, offering a glimpse into the formal arrangement of emotions.” See her site
here. Via Haute nature.