Pinecone Bird Feeder, the special treat for your feathery friends

January 11th, 2012 - 


Aimee Winslow has indeed a little shop with random stuff. Love this creative idea she has: to use pine cones to create bird feeders. This could be the special treat for your feathery friends. Here are the ingredients: pine (more…)

Recycle platic bag into lamps

December 2nd, 2011 - 


Allison Patrick strikes again:) Such a lovely romantic atmosphere! This unique pendant lamp provides a perfect mood for any home and for sure it will become soon an attraction and a starting point in your living room. An eco-friendly lamp that can be customized. Constructed from pieces of repurposed black and white (more…)

Recycled paper lamp

July 4th, 2011 - 

These new lamps from Joëlle at Umbu Lumiere are made from vintage papers collected since a few years ago already. Everything is handmade and adjustable on demand because the artist is very flexible when working with this materials.
I like the textures she uses and the combinations between all the yellowish grades of the old papers. The lamps are not very cheap because they contain a lot of crafting and hours to pick the special papers. You can choose from the
multitude of lamp designs: with musical notes, textures, vintage or dictionary pages.
See her Etsy shop here for buying.

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How can you reuse bread bags?

July 4th, 2011 - 

Bread bags are made from low-density polyethylene. So it’s plastic. You could put them in the special containers for recycling plastic or you could simply reuse the bags at home, in your household. I remember my grandma being ecologically by mistake:) and using a plastic bag for several years and in different situations: she packed my sandwhiches for school or prepare some bags to store for the winter, in the fridge.
She also used plastic bags to fill them with cream and decorate cakes. But rearding this issue, I found much more over the internet: a plastic bag you could use instead of gloves, as a car travel rubbish or sick bag, as a pick up pet
droppings or irrigate plants just by making holes in it. What other innovative ways could we find together?

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