How can I recycle old packaging into notebooks?

January 6th, 2012 - 


Somewhere in Pennsylvania, in the proximity of Philadelphia, there is one artist named Ivy Lane that loves to recycle and reuse things. What I will present today is these colorful notebooks of her handmade from discarded boxes of Snickers, Cheerios, and other corn flakes brands. For sure, she is helping the environment with these eco-actions. Also, because these are not the only things she createsin order to sale┬áthem on Etsy, (more…)

M&M’s Red Mix recycled handbag

July 7th, 2011 - 

M&M’s are my favourite chocolate bonbons. Colorful and fun, the chocolate packagings are transformed now into cute hand bags. You will have enough space for your keys, phones, make-up and glasses and also a starting point for any conversation.
Made from recycled M&M’s wrappers, the bag is water resistant, strong and sturdy and it has a zip closing. The handbag costs less than 30 $ and can be bought here. If you are an M&M’s addict, you can find a bag on
green, pink, mixed colors or lila.
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