Roxwell Tote bags

July 5th, 2011 - 

Roxwell bags are having a side made from leather and the other from a coffee sack. I think they are not just practical but they also look cool. You can wear it during day but also on a special occasion, in the evening. All bags are made by hand in the UK, using recycled fabrics and materials.
It is recommended to wash these bags by hand, not to cause shrinkage in a washing machine. Also, once put in the machine, the bags are loosing their colors and the bags will have fade colors then. Once washed by hand, all you have to
do is to leave the bag to dry naturally.

Dimensions: 52w x 32h x 13d cm

Handmade knitwear from Berlin

June 1st, 2011 - 

Handmade knitwear from Berlin. Recycled leather bags made by the twin sisters Daphne and Vera Correll. The two sisters are very skilled in hand-stitching, dyeing, weaving and knitting.
They made a brand of their own in 2006 and now they work in their studio in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The bags are
built by straps, twisted woven belts, overlaping layers of fisihng material and strings. Each bag is unique because the combination of the re-purposed materials that are not alike. Bags measure aprox. 25 cm. Via here.