Tires – how to delay replacement

December 12th, 2010 - 

In order to delay the need to replace your tires you have some tips here:
– keep your tires properly infalted.
– check air pressure befor you go on a long trip
– you can find the proper air pressure numbers on your sticker attached to the car door, door post, fuel door or glove box.
– you can check for this number also in the owner’s manual
– at least monthly inspect the tires

– see if you can find some glass, stone or metal objects in your tires
– rotate your tires at about 10.000 km

– be careful on the road and how you drive your car: avoid fast starts or turns and holes.

In order to recycle responsibly see here:
– purchase products made from recycled tires such as picnic tables, benches in gardens or borders, floor mats and in general any rubber products
– support recycling
– don’t dump tires, care about environmental quality