Spare some money with things you can recycle!

December 11th, 2010 - 

Can i recycle tires? How about shower courtains? Or my old pair of jeans? Here you have a guide with tips and tricks on how to make the most of it and reuse everything you want. Enjoy!

1. Ways to Recycle Empty Prescription Bottles:
– you can storage seeds in them
– glue some bottles and use the collection on your desk as a storage place for your small things: hair pins, needles, matches, nails
– use the bottles in order to place some small flowers to make your desk funnier
– turn them into saltshakers
– paint the bottles and use them in decorative ways
– you can put spices in the bottles
– store buttons, beads or small objects for house use.
2. Recycle Flip-flops
– you can shred them to make stuffing for cushions
– you can use them to prevent legs of tables or chairs to scratch your floor
– glue them together to create a door stop

3. Reuse old jeans using these crazy methods: 
– create a small pocket place for your books
– patches – they are an add on to your style. you can play the designer’s role and be as free as possible to create endless possibilites out of jeans patches
– covers for your album or journal at school.
– if you have more pieces you could create a jacket out of so many and different colours and textures of jeans
– coffee cozies – like in the photo:

4. Recycle tires– what are the statistics untill now regarding tires:
– 130 million tires used as fuel
– 56 million recycled and used in civil engineering
– 27.5 million recycled into other projects: rubber, rood pads, shower tiles, truck bed mats
-12 million used as rubber modified asphalt and athletic tracks

Recycle Anything- today: Computers and Batteries

December 11th, 2010 - 
Everyone knows how to recycle basic materials like cans, bottles and paper. But what else can we recycle?
Today, find out how you can recycle Computers or Batteries:

The most important reason why we do not recycle them is because of security problems. If you think that all you have to do is deleting the files from the recycle bin, is not that easy. Anybody can access the information even if you had deleted it.
That’s why…first thing to do is erasing the hardware.
With the smallest effort, even a kid with basic knowledge in computers can use programs that can undelete your files and everything you previously had on your computer: tax records, emails, portfolios and others. Kind of scary, right?So, definitely, you should clean your hard drive before donating it to some schools, charity organization, children’s shelter or church.
There is a special program that could help you do that, without affecting programes you already have installed: “Eraser 5.7” can be downloaded

Batteries: They contain dangerous substances like mercury and other chemicals, and that’s why we have to be very careful with them. Don’t buy batteries long time befor you will need them. They will expire and then they will drain down even if they are not used. We advice you to but rechargeable batteries and a charger, together with the toys you buy for your kid. It will be useful to teach him a lesson about eco friendly alternatives.

Rescue Stained Textiles with a Cool Graphic Pattern

December 6th, 2010 - 

Spilled a glass of wine on your favorite tablecloth? No need to buy a new one: Design Sponge has shared some brilliant inspiration for extending the life of flawed textiles. Just cut out the shape of your choice in fabric (and fusible webbing), iron on, and sew. We love the choice of colors and the modern shape of the example here. More details, and a detailed photo, after the jump. This idea works for much more than tablecloths– think pillow covers, comforters, placemats, even sofa cushions. Not only can it cover stains, it
can also be a way to revitalize something you’ve gotten a little tired of. For all the great green products out there, our favorite way to decorate responsibly is to make the stuff we already have last longer. Visit Design Sponge for the
full how-to instructions.(Images: Design Sponge)

Creative Reuse: 10 Ways To Repurpose Light Bulbs

December 6th, 2010 - 

1 Mixed Moss Terrarium – $16 from Etsy seller MossTerrariums

2 Bud Vase – DIY instructions at ReadyMade

3 Tiny Terrarium – DIY instructions at The Hipster Home

4 Hanging Vases – DIY instructions at Care2

5 Valentine – DIY instructions at Design*Sponge

6 Greenhouse – DIY instructions at Instructables

7 Aquarium – $20 from Etsy seller SagesLeaf

8 Bud Vase – Spotted by AT:SF in Mexico

9 Edison Air Planter – $7.95 from Etsy seller chicweed

10 Ship In a Bottle – DIY instructions at Instructables

5 Things to Do With Bubble Wrap After You Move

December 6th, 2010 - 
Keep it. Even if you aren’t an active eBay seller, bubble wrap comes in handy for shipping anything even semi-fragile or making your own padded envelopes. It’s also great to bring to yard sales and flea markets for wrapping up delicate treasures. Or take it to the grocery store for insulating frozen foods or meats during the car ride home on particularly hot days.

Get crafty. Make bubble wrap printed art or wrapping paper (see a how-to on daisy yellow). Make curtains or shower curtains. Make bubble wrap “stained glass” windows (these are also probably great for providing insulation).
De-stress. Keep some sheets of bubble wrap by your desk at work or in your car. We all know that pop, pop, popping can soothe the soul during times of trouble.

Insulate your plants. Even popped bubble wrap is useful for protecting your plants from cold and frost.
There’s a bubble wrap greenhouse how-to on BBC Gardner’s World, but you could also create a simple tent or cover for plants and bushes during the winter months.
Recyclet it. If your curbside recycling doesn’t take bubble wrap, you can check whether you can donate it to your nearest mailbox store for them to reuse.