How can I recycle textiles?

December 9th, 2011 - 


What a lovely creative idea! And here is the reply to the question “How can I recycle textiles” And here is how. Rosemary Boyd from Perth, Australia cam with this bag idea. This little bag is made from recycled sari silk and mixed sari fabric. The silk has a rough rugged beauty in it’s interesting textures and rich earthy (more…)

How can you recycle wood to create toys?

November 26th, 2011 - 


Giant robots that have movable arms. They are able to be hanged on walls and they are created from different recycled parts like the following: wooden buttons, cunning tails and textile details. Ther are handmade and crafted by Ken C. Judd – in his studio from the basement. What is funny, is that his son thinks- when (more…)

How can you reuse bread bags?

July 4th, 2011 - 

´╗┐Bread bags are made from low-density polyethylene. So it’s plastic. You could put them in the special containers for recycling plastic or you could simply reuse the bags at home, in your household. I remember my grandma being ecologically by mistake:) and using a plastic bag for several years and in different situations: she packed my sandwhiches for school or prepare some bags to store for the winter, in the fridge.
She also used plastic bags to fill them with cream and decorate cakes. But rearding this issue, I found much more over the internet: a plastic bag you could use instead of gloves, as a car travel rubbish or sick bag, as a pick up pet
droppings or irrigate plants just by making holes in it. What other innovative ways could we find together?

Via here.

Spare some money with things you can recycle!

December 11th, 2010 - 

Can i recycle tires? How about shower courtains? Or my old pair of jeans? Here you have a guide with tips and tricks on how to make the most of it and reuse everything you want. Enjoy!

1. Ways to Recycle Empty Prescription Bottles:
– you can storage seeds in them
– glue some bottles and use the collection on your desk as a storage place for your small things: hair pins, needles, matches, nails
– use the bottles in order to place some small flowers to make your desk funnier
– turn them into saltshakers
– paint the bottles and use them in decorative ways
– you can put spices in the bottles
– store buttons, beads or small objects for house use.
2. Recycle Flip-flops
– you can shred them to make stuffing for cushions
– you can use them to prevent legs of tables or chairs to scratch your floor
– glue them together to create a door stop

3. Reuse old jeans using these crazy methods: 
– create a small pocket place for your books
– patches – they are an add on to your style. you can play the designer’s role and be as free as possible to create endless possibilites out of jeans patches
– covers for your album or journal at school.
– if you have more pieces you could create a jacket out of so many and different colours and textures of jeans
– coffee cozies – like in the photo:

4. Recycle tires– what are the statistics untill now regarding tires:
– 130 million tires used as fuel
– 56 million recycled and used in civil engineering
– 27.5 million recycled into other projects: rubber, rood pads, shower tiles, truck bed mats
-12 million used as rubber modified asphalt and athletic tracks

Ways to reduce resources

December 11th, 2010 - 

1. Use less water

– instead of using tap water for your garden better collect and use rain water. Place some barrels in places where the rain water is drained and then keep it and save water for dry says.
2. Use less energy
– keep your refrigerator full. It will consume less than when it is empty. If you have a lot of empty space in your fridge, try to store flour, grains or pasta because they will stay longer. And also, your refrigerator doesn’t have to consume much energy to stay cool if it is full.
– keep the hot water heater on the lowest setting so that you conserve energy by using less gas or electricity.
3. Compost
– we talked a lot about this in our previous posts. But most important is not to use greasy foods or meat products because they will degrade the quality of the compost.
Instead of buying fertilizers from the store, just prepare it at home from raw food scraps.
4. Reuse bags.
-each time you go to grocery, don’t forget to take your bags with you. Or better, just leave them in your car so that you will have them any time. Instead of buying some new plastic bags, it is alwas better to have your owns, from home.