Innovative egg cartons designs

June 25th, 2011 - 

Egg cartons are made from recycled paper and other mixtures of materials that could be reused. I was all the time thinking that there is a pitty to put the egg cartons to the garbage. I know, I put them to be recycled but in the same time I was all the time thinking that the inspiring shape must lead to beautiful creative things.
I saw once an amazing carnival costume made out of this but unfortunately I do not have a picture of that. The good part is that Greendiary get together a small collection of what you can do and how you can reuse this material. Some nice
idea found on the net: seed starting pots, Christmas ornaments, store earrings or turn the egg cartons into bird feeders pots. See here some nice recipes that you can use to make a lamp out of egg cartons. Nice ideas !
And what about you? What can you do with an egg carton?

Via Greendiary and here.