How can I make a bird feeder?

January 7th, 2012 - 

If you live in a house that have a garden you can make a bird feeder. Here is what you need to do: 1) Find a place, 2) Cut the side of the upper part of a plastic bottle turned into U-shaped. 3) Bend and reinforce (if you must) the cut. It’s better to use bottles made of harder material. Reinforcement can be done with a stick, that (more…)

Home made bird feeders

June 2nd, 2011 - 

There are shops that sell grains and food for birds in shape of balls. I bought some and gave them to the birds in the park in front of our home, but I didn’t see much fight for food. At least, as those products smell, i understand the poor birds. So I think I will stick to the bread next time. Or, try these advices I found on Ecollo. 
With simple ingredients, we can make tasy treats for our feathered friends. And if you have a tree in front of your window, you can hang those feeders and enjoy birdwatching. For the base, you need either peanut butter, or animal fat,
liquid. Then you need grains, seeds, shelled peanuts, dried fruit ( apple peels, diced pieces of fruits, apricots or berries). as support for your feeder you can take a pine cone and spread the peanut butter all over it and then roll it in the seeds. Also, a toilet paper cardboard can be used instead. If not, you can use a half grapefruit or orange. Carve the middle and fill it with the composition. Than you can hand this in any tree. The last option is to make garlands like in the picture here. You have to take a needle and a string thread and create with this, the fruits and popcorn a nice garland that you can also hang.