Spare some money with things you can recycle!

December 11th, 2010 - 

Can i recycle tires? How about shower courtains? Or my old pair of jeans? Here you have a guide with tips and tricks on how to make the most of it and reuse everything you want. Enjoy!

1. Ways to Recycle Empty Prescription Bottles:
– you can storage seeds in them
– glue some bottles and use the collection on your desk as a storage place for your small things: hair pins, needles, matches, nails
– use the bottles in order to place some small flowers to make your desk funnier
– turn them into saltshakers
– paint the bottles and use them in decorative ways
– you can put spices in the bottles
– store buttons, beads or small objects for house use.
2. Recycle Flip-flops
– you can shred them to make stuffing for cushions
– you can use them to prevent legs of tables or chairs to scratch your floor
– glue them together to create a door stop

3. Reuse old jeans using these crazy methods: 
– create a small pocket place for your books
– patches – they are an add on to your style. you can play the designer’s role and be as free as possible to create endless possibilites out of jeans patches
– covers for your album or journal at school.
– if you have more pieces you could create a jacket out of so many and different colours and textures of jeans
– coffee cozies – like in the photo:

4. Recycle tires– what are the statistics untill now regarding tires:
– 130 million tires used as fuel
– 56 million recycled and used in civil engineering
– 27.5 million recycled into other projects: rubber, rood pads, shower tiles, truck bed mats
-12 million used as rubber modified asphalt and athletic tracks