Tip of the day: buy only what you need

December 12th, 2010 - 

1. Interrogate you each time you want to purchase:
– do I need this?
– if I buy it, then my life would totally changed?
– why am I buying this?
Being careful about what you buy can make you keep your life more simple and free of stuff you don’t need. Don’t buy things that you rarely use.

2. Instead of directly buy, better try

– maybe it is better to rent the thing or at least to borrow it and then you will see if you definitely would wear or like that object/cloth so much that you will wear it more than once.
3. Go shopping with a partner
– maybe you will take into considerration also his advices
– make a pact with your buddy: not to buy the thing if it cost more than X.

4. The rule of “wait”
– don’t be eager to buy everything that you suddenly like.
– take your time and then turn again in the shop the next day
– if you still love the thing after a few days, then you are allowed to buy

5. Transform the price
– let’s say that pair of shoes costs 100 euros.
– think of what could you buy with this amount if you don’t have to desperately buy the shoes?
– if it is really impossible to do so, buy it but then try to reduce the costs from other purchases

6. Make your money inaccesible
– to temper impulse buys it is better not to have cash with you
– better take a tour of the shop and take a careful look at what you would really buy

Save Water_part 1

December 6th, 2010 - 

We need to be smart about the way we use water or we could end up looking at a dry future. Effective ways to reduce water use start with us. Making just a few changes adds up to big savings for you and the environment.

On your lawn 
– Limit your amount of lawn area and use drought-tolerant grass. Don’t mow lawns too short (at least 3cm stalks).  
– Care for your lawn by applying compost or organic fertilizers; aerate the lawn with a fork for more efficient watering and water deeply with rainwater or grey water (water from your laundry and shower).  
– Let your lawn go brown, it will rejuvenate when it rains.
Water-saving devices 
– Install a rainwater tank to capture and store rainwater for use on the garden and lawn (when using water from your rainwater tank, water restrictions do not apply).  
 – Grey water systems divert laundry and bathroom (shower, basin and bath) water onto lawns and gardens. Be careful
not to poison the soil with all the detergents in the water. 
– Connect your hose to your rainwater tank to deliver water directly to the soil and roots. 
– Install a pool cover, this can save up to 100 liters of water a day that would otherwise be lost to evaporation.  
– Install low flow taps to reduce water consumption.  
– Check taps for leaks and repair. 
– Use a broom to sweep driveways and paths.